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In 2014 the private golf club site was sold and in 2018 ceased to be an operational golf course to exclusive paying members, and was closed. In November 2020 our team developed a new proposal for the site under the state government’s Planning Guidelines for the Conversion of Golf Course Land to Other Purposes.

In May 2021 the Minister for Planning referred our proposal to the Golf Course Redevelopment Standing Advisory Committee for consideration and advice. The Advisory Committee will consider and advise the Minister if the proposal satisfies the Planning Guidelines for the Conversion of Golf Course Land to Other Purposes and is consistent with state and local policy.

The new neighbourhood we propose for Centre Dandenong Road will reflect all that’s great about Dingley Village. Feedback from locals over the past five years and the input of planning experts has been used to design an inclusive, attractive, high-quality residential development that will enhance the area for everyone who calls Dingley Village home.

The Minister will make his decision on the proposal later in 2022.

Planning Process

The proposal was available for public examination for 50 business days between Monday 28 June and 3 September 2021, during which time the public was invited to make written submissions. The Standing Advisory Committee heard public submissions between 15 November and 23 December 2021.

The SAC was due to submit its report to the Minister in March 2022 and the Minister will make a decision later in the year. Any change to this will be posted on the Engage Victoria website.

Full details of the proposal and its associated documents, including public submissions can also be found at the Engage Victoria website.


All maintenance is undertaken in close consultation with City of Kingston, and all permits and approvals for tree maintenance and other activities are in place prior to works commencing.

All maintenance activities occur with a full Health and Safety Management Plan in place.

We keep neighbours informed and the local community and other interested parties can find regular updates on this website.

Tree Management

The tree management program includes an annual assessment of the health and structural integrity of all trees on the site.

Qualified, independent arborists assess which trees are at risk of dropping limbs over the next 12 months.

This assessment is important for the safety of neighbours and their properties as well as for staff and any contractors who are maintaining the site. These trees are recorded, and a risk rating applied.

If lopping or removal of potential dangers is necessary, approval is sought from Kingston Council.

Tree Replacement

A tree replacement program has commenced where replacement trees, for those that have had to be removed, are planted around the property in accordance with Council permit conditions.

All replacement trees are native and suited to the local climate conditions. Species include the Rough-barked Manna Gums, Saw Banksias, Narrow-leaf Peppermints, Messmate Stringybarks, River Red Gums, Swamp Gums, and Coast Manna Gums.

Grass & Shrub Management

Spring is the peak growing season for grass and weeds. An approved herbicide treatment will be applied by spraying boundaries and former rough areas to ensure grasses (and particularly noxious weeds) do not seed and spread.

Grass, weeds and shrubs are also monitored carefully to prevent unwanted spread particularly along the site boundary where it can affect neighbouring properties.