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Victoria Police are investigating a fire deliberately lit on the former Kingswood golf course site on Saturday 18 December.

The fire was started near a small pedestrian bridge across water in the north-west of the site and quickly extinguished by MFB and CFA fire crews. The fire burnt about 600 square metres of grass and scrub.

The fire was started in a section where a number of trespassers have been identified this year. Earlier this month vandals cut a fence at the end of Christina Terrace.

We are in discussions with Victoria Police to give them permanent access to the site. Anybody noticing a suspected crime being committed on the site or somebody in danger should call Police on 000. For non-urgent crimes and events, please call 131 444.

The Health and safety of ground staff, neighbours and surrounding property is a priority, the project team are working with authorities to ensure continued site safety.

Full information about the management of the site can be found on the Project website 

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