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14 hectares of open space will accessible to the public (the equivalent of 8 MCG playing fields).

On Saturday 17 October 2021, Clay Lucas and Michael Fowler from The Sunday Age posted an article about the redevelopment at Centre Dandenong Road, Dingley Village. To build on the article:

  • The 54 hectare site proposes to provide around 16 homes for each hectare that is to developed, which compares to similarly sized areas of Dingley Village, where there are about 13-14 homes her hectare. The proposed density is modest when compared to other new neighbourhoods in Melbourne key growth areas, where densities range between 17-24 homes per hectare
  • Dingley Village has been experiencing population decline for some time as the population ages, the new residents will help offset the population decrease and support local businesses through sustaining local activity
  • The mix of townhouses and single detached dwellings will provide housing choice for new home buyers and downsizers who want to continue calling Dingley Village home
  • For 82 years up until 2018 the site was a private golf course with access only to people who paid thousands of dollars in membership fees to the Golf Club.
  • The proposal will make 14 hectares of open space accessible to the public (the equivalent of 8 MCG playing fields)

Mike Clayton from Golf Australia also posted an article on 18 October 2021 which can be found here.

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