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179-217 Centre Dandenong Road, Dingley Village is getting a new grounds manager, following the retirement of the previous manager Guthrie Boyd.

Mr Boyd had supervised all security and maintenance on the site since the departure of Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club in 2018.

The ASRP1 Project Team responsible for the site thanked Mr Boyd for his work managing the health of vegetation , and maintaining the safety for workers, neighbours and the public.

The new manager is Martin Ryan, who has extensive experience in managing such sites.

Mr Ryan’s contact details are now posted on signage on the site’s fences. Anyone concerned about overhanging trees, damaged fences or other matters can call him on 0406 611 320.

The long-term future of the site is still to be decided by the Minister for Planning. Details about the proposed residential redevelopment can be found on the project website along with detail of the project.