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Maintenance of the site continues in accordance with all local Council permits and regulations, while at the same time meeting all legal obligations such as workplace health and safety.

Unfortunately, incorrect and misleading information has been circulated locally that may cause neighbours to fear for their safety and create anxiety. Some of these issues are addressed below. If you have any concerns, please contact us via the link at the top of this website.

Qualified Arborists

We use qualified arborists as experts to advise on the health of trees and to identify any potential dangers. Before trees can be removed or substantially trimmed or lopped, Kingston Council is required to give permission.

Tree Trimming Program

Neighbours with concerns about trees that may be impacting their property are encouraged to contact us. We will do an initial assessment and explain the Council process we are obliged to follow. Sometimes we are not permitted to trim but when we are, we only trim in accordance with a Council permit

Tree Planting, Maintenance & Watering

In accordance with the Council permits, the tree replacement program is well advanced. The program of work includes the ongoing maintenance of each tree until it is established. Tree maintenance includes watering and establishment typically occurs within three months. Thereafter the site management team will continue to water the trees both by hand and through the extensive irrigation system.


We are entering the peak bushfire season and vegetation management is a recognised risk control measure.

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for applying fertiliser and herbicide treatment around the property has been a routine protective safety measure for about 10 years on the

property. This is not a ‘hazmat’ suit. The fertiliser and herbicide are tinted with coloured dyes, so it is obvious where they have been spread. The PPE helps protect workers and their clothing.

Neighbours with concerns about maintenance activities at the site are urged to contact us directly.