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The imminent arrival of warmer weather brings with it the rapid growth of grass and noxious weeds, which are environmental and fire threats if not controlled properly. Our site managers will manage and prevent this growth in an environmentally sound and compliant manner.

The strategy for the coming season will include both growth regulation and selected grass and weed control to safely manage and eliminate non desirable species, and importantly minimise fire danger across the property. This will include the management of a 1-2 metre buffer that will be treated or trimmed along fence lines where possible to control weeds. In some selected areas, a mulch layer will be installed as the form of weed control and prevention, minimising the need for alternative treatments.

Our authorised site managers will be responsible to safely perform the above programs abiding to the regulatory body directions as they have done in past years.

The program is planned to commence from mid to late September. All treatments will follow our environment, health and safety system protocols.

Neighbours with queries can contact site manager Guthrie Boyd on 0411 049 685, or contact us at