Feedback from locals over the past five years and the input from planning experts have contributed to the new development proposal for Dingley Village on Centre Dandenong Road.

More parks, trees and reserves in a connected neighbourhood

More than 14 hectares of open space, including some 6km of green linear reserves are among the features of the new neighbourhood proposed for Dingley Village.

When complete, its tree-lined streets and parks will have 10% more trees than are now on the site, traffic will be carefully managed and increased water storage will substantially reduce downstream flooding.

This plan shows what is being proposed and the shared community facilities that will benefit all who call Dingley Village home.

Construction to be carefully staged

Development and construction of the Centre Dandenong Road site will be carefully managed to minimise disruption to existing residents and the local biodiversity.

All construction will be managed in accordance with strict permit conditions requiring the preparation of a Construction Site Environmental Management Plan (CSEMP). Before starting any works, all workers on site will be inducted into the CSEMP and all flora and fauna conservation requirements.

The first stage of the proposed development will include the construction of a permanent landscaped wetland that will provide a picturesque backdrop for passive recreational activities and service the surrounding catchment for water management.

The wetland will be enhanced with perimeter walking trails, boardwalks, viewing platforms, and vegetation designed to attract wildlife.

This plan shows how development of the site will be staged once construction begins.

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The new neighbourhood at Centre Dandenong Road will reflect all that’s great about Dingley Village. Feedback from locals over the past five years and the input of planning experts has been used to design an inclusive, attractive, high-quality residential development that will enhance the area for everyone who calls Dingley Village home.

A New Neighbourhood for Dingley Village
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A New Central Park for Dingley Village
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5 Key Things About The Landscape
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5 Key Things About Trees + Plantings
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6 Key Things About Sustainability
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5 Key Things About Traffic
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5 Key Things For Children + Families
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5 Key Things About Streets + Houses
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5 Key Things About Water Management
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5 Key Things About Homes for Everyone
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5 Key Things About Community Benefits
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5 Key Features For Local Business
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10 Key Differences To The First Proposal
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Thank You Dingley Village
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