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Permits requested for dangerous trees

Our tree management program includes an annual assessment for health and structural integrity of all trees on the site. We engage qualified, independent arborists to assess which trees are at risk of dropping limbs over the next 12 months. This important work ensures the safety of neighbours and their property, as well as our staff and any contractors on the site.

In recent months an unusual number of high wind-storm events have caused branches to fall on and around neighbouring properties. To keep the site safe, permits have been lodged for trees that are at risk of falling and causing damage to people and neighbouring properties.

Kingston Council has placed public notices to inform Dingley Village residents of the applications currently in place, however they have not noted that these permits are requesting to prune or remove those trees at risk of dropping limbs.

As per our standard practice, any works requiring a permit will be undertaken strictly in accordance with the conditions of any permit and will only take place once an approved permit is received.